Chilly Hill Walks and Cute Cafes

*Warning- Very picture heavy :)*

Yesterday me, my friends and my family all went on a hike up a beautiful hill with the most stunning views ever. I wish we could have admired them properly but at the top the wind speed reached almost 60mph... and it was absolutely freezing, or as we say in Scotland- 'Billy Baltic'.

Views like these are the reason I live in Scotland.

The cafe we visited for a sit down was named 'The Pillars of Hercules'. It was this really cute cafe/farm shop run by the 'Environmentally Conscious', or to put it bluntly- Hippies. Everything was organic and freshly made- completely vegetarian, although I wish I'd passed on the organic cola because, frankly, it was disgusting.

After the horrific experience of trying environmentally friendly cola, I then decided it wasn't for me and ordered a hot chocolate instead.  Once it arrived and I'd taken my first sip I was somewhat disappointed and asked the waitress if she could maybe put in some more chocolate powder. She then informed me that those chocolates that you can see in the picture on the saucer were actually for flavoring and it was a DIY/ make your own hot chocolate. What a lovely idea! But they should probably make a habit of telling people this before serving it, so fools like me don't sit for a solid 5 minutes wondering what on earth is wrong with their drink.

The soup was absolutely delicious and the bread was freshly made. Also I think I am now partial to organic butter now because it was just so creamy and mmmm. That's all.

The farm shop was so cute and they sold all sorts of products, from henna hair dye to organic deodorant to the adorable bags of tea and coffee that you can see pictured. The atmosphere was just so cosy and lovely like how you feel when you wear all your warmest clothes outside on a freezing day.
Places like that are just sooo me.


Also, I couldn't resist including a picture of this stunning vespa that was parked outside. It's just too cool. 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed the pictures and reading about my day out. Leave a comment below telling me if you liked it and what you did at the weekend. Also, if you have a blog, please link it below as I love reading them!

See you soon x

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  1. I wish I could visit Scotland one day! It looks SO incredible!

    xx angela | the sunday chapter

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! The view is so beautiful! I've visited Scotland before and it's so pretty. x x

    1. I did thanks! And I know! I love living in such a beautiful place- shame about the weather haha! xxx

  3. Lovely pictures looks like you had a really nice day

  4. Lovely views. I've been to Scotland once and it was beautiful, I can't wait to so again one day.

  5. Ah this is my kind of post!!! Looks gorgeous and yum, all
    those fresh fruit and veg... Wouldn't mind driving that bike either!Cute xxx

    1. I know! I just love places like that! xx


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